Vozdvizhenskaya Office Centre: Your success is historically predetermined.

New business address appeared in Kiev. Business center on Vozdvizhenskaya 41 Street implements all dreams about perfect office.
New office center has its own name Artevilla. And it’s appeared to be a real villa, space-saving and comfortable it’s situated in calm and cozy part of a big city and at the same time meets all high European standards. The first part of the name (art, translated as “искусство”) is implemented in the complex itself and its separate parts. For example, works of the best Ukrainian modern artists decorate halls and passages of the new business center. Being surrounded by main Kyiv historical places all tenants of the centre are simply sentenced to succeed. Andreevskiy slope and Andreevska church, Gonchary and Kozhemiaky tracts, foundation of Desiatynska church and famous Podol are situated not far from there. It was historically based that from ancient times successful artists, starting from nameless craftsman and ending up with world famous writer Mikhail Bulgakov) of the most demanded professions lived and worked exactly in this part of Kyiv.
Artevilla is a modern A quality business center. In other words it’s a decent place for any kind of prestigious business such as Bank or Law Company, Real Estate Agency or Embassy. You can rent a separate office or the whole floor as well. 


For all lease questions please call:

+38 044 451 84 00
+38 067 787 20 39

Vozdvizhenskaja str. 41, Kyiv, 04071